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Create Clean Electricity with Every Workout

The RE:GEN captures and converts the power of your workout, turning it into the clean energy that charges your devices.

Meet the Ohm

The Ohm is a rechargeable and portable battery unit that locks into the bike and charges as you exercise. When you’re done working out, unclip it and connect it to your electronic devices for clean energy on the go.

Ten inches slimmer than a Peloton and with tri-axis adjustability, the RE:GEN is designed to deliver big workouts in smaller spaces.

Its matte black steel alloy frame and sustainably sourced parts make the RE:GEN a bold & beautiful addition to any home or business. It not only looks great, but feels incredible to ride too!

Complex energy generation and load balancing is handled by the electronics module and housed inside the EnerBox.

Smart Workouts

Workout Smarter and Harder

Battle it out with friends in our head-to-head workouts, or choose from a host of on-demand and interactive workouts.

The Ohm also measures and displays functional threshold power (FTP). That’s the highest average power a rider can maintain for one hour. The Ohm’s patent-pending TRI Zone ™ colour LED system indicates how efficiently you’re exercising, taking the guesswork out of peak performance.

Workout Games

Sharpen your competitive edge by racing against others. Go head-to-head with friends, family, colleagues, and strangers from around the world. Throw in-game resistance shells and remotely change the ride difficulty of other players.

Workouts On-Demand

Quit the gym commute to join instructors when you’re ready. Train on your own time by accessing immersive virtual classes and a library of custom workouts.


The RE:GEN is compatible with Zwift – the world’s most popular virtual cycling platform. Choose training routes and races from around the world. Go for glory against global competitors.

AI Tailored Workouts

Let the Energym app learn your routine and then build custom workouts around it. Complete time and energy-efficient workouts that will cut through the noise, helping you focus on your fitness objectives.

Workout Types

Battery Capacity

Other Bikes Have FOHMO

The Ohm stores up to 100Wh of clean energy and has both USB-A and USB-C charging ports.

Add the snap-on power extender and charge up to 5 devices simultaneously. Use its Bluetooth and wireless functionality to turn electrical devices on and off remotely.

From 1 workout you'll be able to charge:

macbook icon

2.6 Macbook Pros

ipad icon

4 iPad Pros

iphone icon

14 iPhones

Sweat Equity

Sweat On The Bike, Save On Things You’ll Love

Every time you ride the RE:GEN you can earn sweatcoins..

Spend them in the Energym Marketplace on exclusive rewards, discounts on digital subscriptions, exercise gear and more...

100s of brands. All for the cost of a few calories.

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Get Rewarded For Exercising

Earn Sweatcoins
Explore the Marketplace
Shop Your Favourites
iPhone displaying a user's sweatcoin earnings on the energym app.iPhone displaying the brands on offer on the sweatcoin marketplaceiPhone displaying a successful purchase of Skin + me skincare from the sweatcoin marketplace.

Explore physical and digital products on the Sweatcoin marketplace.

Use your Sweatcoins to shop with your favourite brands. Don't pay for it. Sweat for it.

Earn Sweatcoins each time you workout on the RE:GEN bike or refer a friend to the community.

It's Time

Ride the Revolution

Shop the RE:GEN